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Scene again - 18th April

Thought I'd post here cos I still come back to find pictures now and then, and see what the world was like, and I'm not sure how much inactivity it takes before a comm is deleted (more than a year I think, but just in case... *g*)

Plus - I was thinking about how big little tree had grown, and how my view was disappearing, and I came to see how true that was, and... yes! 2009 and 2014...
2014-04-18 LittleTreeGrowing2009 2014-04-18 LittleTreeGrowing

Granted, my 2014 picture should have been tilted slightly further up, but it's taken from the same place and zoom, and the big trees are pretty much the same size and all... what a difference five years makes! Spring looks a little further along for little tree this year too, though the big trees are at about the same place... Does the biggest oak look a bit more sparse, though? - and the field behind is bright green rather than winter-dry - presumably there was more rain this winter... *g*

23rd March 2013

I was just curious... *g*

"Crown imperials bud for bloom, and stink much." Gilbert White, 1792 (Hampshire)

"Coleridge dined with us. He brought his ballad finished [The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere]. We walked with him to the Miner's house. A beautiful evening, very starry, the horned moon." Dorothy Wordsworth, 1798 (Somerset)

Today started out dull and a little cold, and quite windy, and in turns the wind blew lashings of rain upon us, and then blue skies, and then clouds again... Slantedlight, 2009 (Cambs.)

2013-03-23 02snowmorning
Snow! Wet snow, but lots of it, all day so far - and wind, too... Slantedlight, 2013 (Cambs.)

25th July...

25th July
"The water shines in the follows." Gilbert White, 1778 (Hampshire)

"We drank tea to-night before I left Grasmere, on the island in that lovely lake; our kettle swung over the fire, hanging from the branch of a fir-tree, and I lay and saw the woods, and mountains, and lake all trembling, and as it were idealized through the subtle smoke, which rose up from the clear, red embers of the fir-apples which we had collected; afterwards we made a glorious bonfire on the margin, by some elder-bushes, whose twigs heaved and obbed in the uprushing column of smoke, and the image of the bonfire, and of use that danced round it, ruddy, laughing faces in the twilight; the image of this in a lake, smooth as that sea to whose waves the Son of God had said Peace!." S.T. Coleridge, 1800 (Westmorland)

A beautiful summer's day - sunshine and shadows in Cambridge. Byslantedlight, 2009 (Cambs.)

Another gorgeous summer's day, just as there was three years ago - a red-sky-in-morning sunrise at around 5.20am... Byslantedlight, 2012 (Cambs.)


A picspam of some of the mountain trails and waterfalls around Ystradfellte in the Brecon Beacons:

Follow the fake cut to my journal for the rest of the pics


8th January

"Bushes and short trees blown like the flame of a candle. Long-tailed tits on dead stems of willow herb 4ft. high. Rushes, half dead, half green.
"Never go for a walk in the fields without seeing one thing at least however small to give me hope, the frond of a fern among dead leaves." Richard Jeffries, 1884 (Sussex)


Yet another grey day, and misty in the distance... Byslantedlight, 2009 (Cambs.)

Here in Cambs., on the 8th January, 2010:

We started the day at around -3C, with snow for the crescent moon to shine on, and then we had snow, and then blue skies, and another flurry of snow, and then blue skies, and on into the night...Byslantedlight, 2010 (Cambs.)


I didn't get out and take photos earlier, and the day is over already... all grey cloud, and a few soft drops of rain. Byslantedlight, 2012 (Cambs.)


Glimpses of Vienna's favourite recreation area.

MoreCollapse )

around South Wales

Last week I had a pair of friends to stay and we went on a series of day trips, mostly around South Wales. I've posted picspams of the first two days over at my journal, if anyone is interested.

Day One - the Gower Peninsula

Day Two - the Brecon Beacons mountains



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